Friday, May 5, 2017


RINGS AUSTRALIA 6/7/98: Who Needs Rules
June 7, 1998 in Brisbane, Australia
Alexandra Hills Hotel drawing 1,000

Whaaaaat is this? I have come to expect RINGS Holland and RINGS Russia shows to supplement the RINGS Japan fare that is really all that I am after in all or any of this, but those are all non-Japanese shows, that, despite their local colour, nevertheless aired on WOWOW and are presented as, you know, RINGS. This is something else entirely: two handycams (only now do I learn that that is a brand name), a bunch of wiry shooters squaring off in a hotel ballroom or something before coarse people yelling in Australian accents, with no sign of RINGS anywhere but the shirt worn by the referee who isn't Yuji Shimada, he's not even close. I am not going to act like Shiro Tenma does not finish with a slick juji-gatame in the opener but this is on the whole a ghastly spectacle that I reject. The results, from, are as follows: 

Shiro Tenma beat Kevin Thompson (4:05) via submission.
Colin Turnbull beat Maynard Marcum (5:40) via submission.
Barney Cook beat Steve Farnell (3:07).
Paul Coonan beat Shaun Price (15:00) via points.
Leigh Brein drew Sam Koch (10:00).
Ryan Harvey beat Dominque Deligny (11:20) via submission.
Christopher Haseman beat Kenichi Yamamoto (5:35) via submission.
Daniel Bond beat Dean Lawler (3:35) via submission in a "vale tudo" match


June 22, 1998: 

"The only sketchy details we have on the first RINGS show ever in Australia on 6/7 in Brisbane is that the show was held in a hotel ballroom and was sold out and Akira Maeda was there and talked of promoting more shows in Australia in the future."

This is all I have to say on the matter; I hope you will understand. Forgive me. 

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