Monday, May 15, 2017


Who Needs Rules #2
September 13, 1998 in Brisbane, Australia
Alexandra Hills Hotel drawing 900

YESTERDAY ONE OF MY JUDO FRIENDS LENT ME A JUJI-GATAME 腕挫十字固 ENCYCLOPEDIA WITH OVER FOUR-HUNDRED PAGES OF JUJI-GATAME i腕挫十字固 WHICH IS BY ANY MEASURE A LOT OF JUJI-GATAME 腕挫十字固 AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT AND ALSO I HAVE BEEN PROFOUNDLY AND UNDESERVEDLY BLESSED IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE SO JUST TRY TO BRING ME DOWN oh this is a RINGS Australia tape, I am defeated at once. As though the mere fact of it were not enough to despair, Michael Schiavello is on commentary; I only noticed after he said first that it could be "good night Irene," and then, moments later, that it was in fact "good night Irene." I reject all of this utterly and without compunction. I denounce and attaint it as false RINGS.

"The" results (not "our," I refuse them as our own) from, lessened for their presence there: 

Dustin Matterson [listed and introduced only as "D-Man"]  TKO Steve Farnell (8:05)
Dave Kristich beat Craig Booth (4:46)
Nathan Woodington KO Kevin Thompson (1:49)
Tim Thomas TKO Sam Koch (2:47)
Troy Ittensohn beat Maynard Marcum (10:00) via points
Tyrone Cross beat Daniel Higgins (4:40) via submission.
Brad Aird beat Barney Cook (20:00) via points.
Al Reynish TKO Elvis Sinosic (8:40)
Christopher Haseman beat Wataru Sakata (6:08) via submission

Maybe you glance at the above and think "well, the last two are kind of interesting," but that is not really the case, aside from Sinosic letting go of a juji-gatame because he though Reynish tapped (neither the referee nor Reynish agree) before, later losing, and maybe the Haseman/Sakata fight was amazing, I don't know, the tape cuts off. Alas.


"9/13 Brisbane, Australia (RINGS - 900): Dustin Matterson b Steven Farnell, Dave Kristich b Craig Booth, Nathan Woodington b Kevin Thompson, Tim Thomas b Sam Koch, Troy Ittensohn b Maynard Markham, Tyrone Crosse b Daniel Higgins, Brad Aird b Barry Cook, Al Reynish b Elvis Sinosic, Christopher Hazemann b Wataru Sakata. RINGS ran its second show on 9/13 in Brisbane, Australia with local star Christopher Hazemann beating Wataru Sakata on top before 900 fans."

All true. Let us put this behind us.  

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